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Death from below

blah blah

22 December
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I love boobies including baldwins. deathmetal/electro/Hiphop/hardcore/house/techno!!!!
I have a bad adiction of buying to many records(crack)
I hate these fucks out at the casino bumping bullshit gangsta rap
I need to meet the ladies and make with the shimmmi shamz shimi!!!!!!!! before i explode
!!! all my roommates have the HIV and i am starting to feel faint

p.s. i am a dj book me i will whore myself out to u in return
download my mix off the website focusmedia.org and some noise tank as well
313, absinthe, absolutly fabulous, adult swim, adult., aesop rock, antipopconsurtiem, aphex twin, as i lay dying, atmosphere, aux 88, babbletron, bangin', batman, ben sims, best friends, binary star, björk, blackalicious, blackstar, blow jobs, books, booty, bullshitting, buttsex, caberat voltaire, cannibal ox, carl craig, cartoons, chicago, clubs, common, def jux, deftones, demf, derrick may, detroit, detroit electronic music festival, detroit techno, diverse, dj hell, dnb, drexcya, drum & bass, drum machines, dvds, el-p, electro, electrosynthpopcore, ethnic foods, everytime i die, family guy, fela kuti, film, front 242, gangstarr, george orwell, get up kids, getting fucked, getting funky, ghetto tech, girls are short, glassjaw, go to focusmedia.org, graffiti, hip hop, hood, hummers, hunter s. thompson, independent music, industrial, jazz, jill scott, joy divison, kicking it old skool, ladies, lapdances, laurent garnier, lif, lounge music, making money, making out, metal, michael moore, midwest product, mills, murs, music-a touch of class, my bed, nietzsche, noise pop, okayplayer, old school, oliver ho, outkast, parties, peanut butter wolf, pete rock, photography, planet e, plastikman, poison the well, portishead, prefuse 73, radiohead, rakim, raves, records, redheads, rhymesayers, richie hawtin, rjd2, rum, sage francis, salvador dahli, sci fi, sex, shamz, shocker, signs of collapse, slug, starving artists crew, subterranous crew, techno, telefon tel aviv, the family, the simpsons, the used, tim burton, today i wait, tool, toronto, travel, tresor, triple 5 soul, turntables, underground hip hop, underground resistance, ur, urban exploration, uzik, video games, vodka, warp records, woodward, working, wu-tang clan, you